Planche Street Workout

planche two fingers on 30 day
planche two fingers on 30 day

planche two fingers on 30 day's

3 weeks ago


i just tried two fingers on 30 day's like i said on the top so you can also do it but you have to believe in your self and work hard that's why you can see the other's doing good but they work hard to prove
1- make your fingers stronger
2-make your core stronger
3-try it every day
4-you...Read More

Waitting ...

Tutoriel Planche For Beginner

4 weeks ago


The planche is a move that demonstrates a high level of body strength and control. Even those that aren’t well versed in bodyweight exercise see it for the amazing feat that it is.

It should also be obvious that it’s not something you can just jump into. You have to be aware of how to be properly prepared for the training and the best way to go about it.

This move is not for everyone but if you’ve been working your handbalancing and strength and have wanted to learn the planche, it i...Read More

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